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PPXM warrants exclusively to Buyer that each Product sold hereunder will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use, if used in accordance with its specification and labelling for the period specified in the Instructions For Use (IFU), or other documents accompanying the Product. PPXM will have the right at its expense to inspect and have returned any Product claimed by Buyer to violate this "Warranty".

PPXM’s sole obligation and Buyer's exclusive remedy for any breach of the Warranty will be the repair or replacement, at PPXM’s option, of the defective Product, if a valid claim in received within the Warranty Period.

This Limited Warranty is only valid in jurisdictions where Noctura 400 has been sold by PPXM and not from a third party.

This Limited Warranty applies only in countries where PPXM supplies the Product. Noctura 400 is not warranted if used in another country.

Any replacement or repaired Product will be covered by the Warranty only for the remainder of the original warranty period. If PPXM determines that such repair or replacement is not economical or feasible or such remedy fails of its essential purpose, Buyer's exclusive alternate remedy and PPXM’s sole obligation for any such breach will be the return to Buyer of the purchase price paid to PPXM for the Product, in which case PPXM may repossess the Product.

The Warranty will apply only if:

(i) the delivered Product is not altered or damaged and is properly used, stored, handled, maintained and used in accordance with the Product's normal usage and any PPXM published instructions; and

(ii) Buyer notifies PPXM of the defect in writing not more than 84 days after its delivery to Buyer and not more than 10 days after Buyer first learns of the defect.

Except for this express warranty and PPXM’s statutory warranty of good title, PPXM makes no warranties, either express or implied, regarding the products covered hereby including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

No employee, agent, or representative of PPXM is authorised to make any representation or warranty on behalf of PPXM except to the extent specifically stated herein.

No warranties extend to any products not purchased directly from PPXM or from an authorised PPXM distributor. PPXM warranties extend only to the original purchaser of the products.

PPXM is not responsible for damage caused by failure to follow user instructions or failure to comply with PPXM’s Terms of Use.

This Limited Warranty does not cover services delivered by PPXM to owners of the Product.

Before contacting our support team

If there is no visible damage to your mask, please make sure you visit out Troubleshooting page before contacting our support team. If there is visible damage to your mask, you can skip to the next section directly.

Contact Us for Warranty Coverage

It is possible that your device is covered by our warranty. The more information you are able to provide, the faster we can assist you.

Contact our customer support at and make sure your email contains the following information:

  • your email address that was used to purchase Noctura 400. Alternatively, you can provide your order confirmation number.
  • The LOT number of your mask – this will be 12 digits, separated by a ‘/’, an example of a LOT number is ‘10000156/0045’ The LOT number can be found on the large sticker displayed on the outer mask packaging, and also inside the pod envelope.
  • A description of the issue - if there is visible damage to the mask, please attach pictures to your email. Otherwise, please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Your shipping address - confirm your shipping address so we know where to send the replacement device if it is covered under warranty coverage.
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