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Sue Wales – Farnham, Surrey

“I’m no longer worried about losing my driving licence, my house or my job!”

“I’m no longer worried about losing my driving licence, no longer worried about losing my house or my job.” NEW: Updated testimonial!

UPDATE! – March 2016

My last eye checkup at the hospital in January confirmed that for the first time in over 2 years, BOTH my retinas are stable once again…with no signs of any small bleeds at all; hospital is well happy with the progress from the mask…as am I!

November 2015

I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18, and have been taking insulin for the past 32 years now. I hope to still be on insulin and taking care of my diabetes in another 30 years time too, so am always keen to find ways of improving my glucose control. Diabetes Type 1 is where your pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that takes sugars out of your blood. So diabetes care is about keeping my blood sugars controlled as much as I can, without my own natural insulin that most people have to do this automatically; hence the need to inject with insulin. Being an active person enjoying heavy gardening and digging on my allotment and looking after animals, I have been fortunate to have not had major complications until recently. 3 years ago damage to my retina was discovered at my annual diabetes eye screening. The blood vessels in the back of our eyes are the smallest in the body, and with higher sugar levels they can get blocked, and so new weak vessels grow to get around the blockage in your retina. These weak new vessels can then bleed into the back of your eye, and of course, this affects your vision.

I drive 100 miles a day to get to work, so am very concerned about keeping my driving licence as I feared losing my job if I cannot commute by car. I received over a dozen sessions of laser therapy at the eye hospital, but new bleeds kept on occurring every month whenever I did something strenuous like digging.

I then started to use the Noctura 400 sleep mask in October 2014 and immediately I found an improvement, in that in the first 6 months of wearing the mask every night I did not have a single further retinal bleed. I have now been using the Noctura 400 for a year; before the mask I had 12 new retinal bleeds in one year; since wearing the mask at night I have only had one small retinal bleed all year and only go to the eye hospital every 3 months now for a check-up.

I would recommend anyone with retinal damage to consider its use, along with your eye specialist, as without the Noctura 400, I fear I may have already lost my driving licence, and here I am commuting in my car, working hard and enjoying a full life without the fear of my eyesight getting worse.

NEW: Watch Sue’s story after 12 months of using Noctura 400:

You can also listen to Sue’s story after 6 months of using Noctura 400 in the video below.
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