Nancy Savage

"From the scan results the little swellings which are the macular oedema have virtually disappeared."

My diabetes started in 2015. I have no other health problems as a result of the diabetes except my eyes, which slowly deteriorated. I couldn’t tell that there was anything wrong particularly, but right from the start the first scan showed that I had macular oedema and I was immediately referred to the hospital for further investigations. With the prospect of unpleasant treatments in the future, I was so pleased to be able to be offered the Noctura 400 sleep mask and my experience has been really good, as I’ve felt that the hospital really cared about my eyesight. It was fully explained what I had to do, how the mask worked, and the fact that you used it every night, which has not been a problem.

Initially I was always aware of the mask being there, but over time that has gone completely. I just know that my eyes have improved. From the scan results the little swellings which are the macular oedema have virtually disappeared. The fact that I don’t have to have the injections is great, my ophthalmologist is really pleased with my progress and I want to continue using it indefinitely! It’s really been important to me to have used the mask and I would definitely recommend it to other people that have the same condition. It could be a life-changer for some people!

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Alessandro Giuliano

As a 20+ year type I diabetic, PolyPhotonix has removed my deepest fear of developing retinopathy complications. I’ve been using Noctura 400 for preventative purposes and haven’t slept so relaxed nights ever since!

Jacob Chojnacki

"My eye doctor follows me every 3-4 months and while I have needed rare treatment with injections, I have gone 12-24 months in between any treatments. This has been fantastic news as I have avoided any serious progression of retinopathy."

David Stoddart – Barnard Castle, County Durham

“It has already taken my legs and I don’t want it to take my eyes as well.”
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