John Brown – Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

“I don’t have to buy any new spectacles for my short sightedness – I can now see just as well without them!”

After having had my diabetic retinopathy treated by laser and injection with no sign of improvement I decided to try this form of treatment. At my next three monthly appointment with my hospital ophthalmologist I informed him of my intention to pursue this form of treatment. He raised no objection to this, stating that he would be interested in the results of such a treatment.

To date I have now been using the mask for some ten months and am now in my fourth 12 week period of its use. At the end of each 12 week period the pod inside the mask is replaced by my appointed optician, scans are taken and the results discussed.

In addition during this time I’ve had two three monthly appointments with my hospital ophthalmologist. At the second of these he informed me that the latest hospital scans had shown an improvement in my condition and that my next appointment with him would now be in nine months time rather than the three it had been hitherto.

I believe that the use of the mask has not only helped halt the retinopathy but has also been a major factor in reducing its effect.

There are two other issues that I feel I should mention before I finish: firstly, if you are a CPAP user and wear a nasal mask at night for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea then don’t worry about wearing the Noctura mask – it fits comfortably above the nasal mask and, secondly, I don’t have to buy any new spectacles for my short sightedness – I can now see just as well without them!

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