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Alessandro Giuliano

It was the 6th of December 1998 when I, a Southern-Italian 12 years old boy, was about to get the toughest life-changing news of my life to date. I had no idea what the doctor was talking about but can clearly remember the face of my parents bursting into tears after my first ever finger prick at the hospital. Something must be pretty bad I thought: daddy never cries… he is not like mom! It didn’t take me too long either, probably less than an ‘educational’ week, to realise that the words “type I diabetic” were far scarier than they sounded at first. They brought along a terrible, hidden fear common to many of ‘us’: diabetes complications!

The nursing team kept reassuring me every day I spent for my first hospitalisation: “nothing bad will happen if you take care of yourself, surely not for the first 5-10 years and by that time there is going to be a cure and you won’t have to worry any longer”. I had to believe this was the truth as the thought of losing a leg or running into dialysis or even worse losing my sight at a young age was a horrible pill to swallow. I left the hospital promising to myself that I’d have done everything I could to hold on safe and sound. But 5 years passed and then 10 while that fear was still living inside me or actually growing since time kept going like on a ticking bomb. A lot more exhausted but still in good shape, I decided that it was better to take action rather than wait. Passionate about electronics I devoted my professional career to medical technology and lucky enough, after my PhD studies, I came across PolyPhotonix at a time they were looking for a young medical scientist. Bingo: what was best for me than embracing the right environment to contribute to removing probably the scariest of diabetes complications: retinopathy?

PolyPhotonix taught me that treating retinopathy was possible without delivering any pain, risking collateral effects, or adding more effort to an already overwhelming life as a diabetic. I had chance to deeply understand how sound science behind Noctura 400 is and reinsure myself on its safe use analysing clinical trial data. Very soon I had no doubt that Noctura 400 would have been a game changer not only in treating but also in preventing diabetic retinopathy. FIFTEEN years into diabetes, it was not difficult for me to make the right choice: using Noctura 400 to remove one of the main factors leading to the development of retinopathy. FIVE years into Noctura 400, I can confirm that choice was the right one both as a scientist and a diabetic patient. I have still no retinopathy signs whatsoever, in none of my eyes, and as well as that I’ve been sleeping far more relaxed nights. Noctura 400 calms down my senses with its soft green glow when I fall asleep and, more than anything, it has removed that fear of mine to face one day probably the scariest of diabetes complications.

Diabetes goes unfortunately only one way and complications along with it; but thankfully innovation too! A solution has been made real, now it’s your choice… what are you waiting for?