Most sight loss due to diabetes is preventable if treatment is given early


Evidence / Efficacy

The Noctura 400 sleep mask is fully CE marked, based on proven safety and efficacy data.

Noctura 400 has demonstrated clinical repair in 66% of patients and no associated complications. 1-4

Noctura 400 has been evaluated in people with:

  • Mild to moderate non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy1,2
  • Early, untreated and progressive Diabetic Macular Oedema2,3,4
  • Moderate Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy2

After using the mask, patients showed a reduction in retinal thickness and intra-retinal cysts and a decrease in micro-vascular permeability and leakage2-4

Further evaluations are underway



Current Treatments


Traditional treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Oedema include laser treatment, invasive intraocular injections into the eye, or steroid implants

  • The current pan-retinal photocoagulation (laser treatment) or intraocular injections of anti-VEGF pharmaceutical treatments are costly to the NHS, contributing to its £10bn expenditure on diabetes10
  • Intraocular injection treatments are invasive and uncomfortable6
  • Laser treatment causes permanent damage to photoreceptors and does not prevent new weak vessel growth.5 Damage to photoreceptors can lead to reduced night vision
  • Current treatments are only recommended at a late stage in the development of these eye complications, when a patient’s eyesight may already be threatened5,7,9