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Eye risk from ‘Overstretched NHS’

Diabetes patients may be going blind due to missed or delayed eye treatment appointments, caused by an increased number of new patients and poor adherence to follow-up checks for those already in the system.

We want to share this BBC News article by Professor Carrie MacEwen with you. It highlights the vital need for regular eye exams, especially for diabetes patients, in order to avoid or reduce the need for treatment in the first place. As the recommended time between retinopathy screening appointments increases for some, it is more important than ever for patients to be pro-active about their eye health.

The Noctura 400 sleep mask offers treatment and prevention for diabetic retinopathy that patients can take into their own hands. Using a light therapy mask at the first sign of retinopathy, or alongside current treatments, could reduce, or halt, the vision loss that occurs between eye clinics.

Treatments for diabetic retinopathy are commonly administered only when the condition is advanced. Any diabetes patient with retinopathy, and also diabetic macular oedema (DMO), can access the preventative power of the Noctura 400 sleep mask by arranging an eye exam and receiving their own specially configured mask for less than £3 per day.

Whether you arrange your own regular eye checks or if you take treatment into your own hands between clinics, when it comes to saving your sight, can you afford to wait?

Our team is here to give help and information about Noctura 400, diabetic retinopathy and DMO.